The human species is so young

The average lifespan for all species is ~5 million years.1

Our species, homo sapiens, is only 300,000 years old.2 This makes our species very young. By analogy to a human individual lifespan of 80 years, our species is only a 1.9 years old baby.

Because we can adapt to change much better than most species,3 our lifespan could be much more than the 5 million year average.4

This is exciting. We could live to at least 10 million years, perhaps 50 million years!

Assume we live for 50 million years. Then, by analogy to a human lifespan of 80 years, our species is just 0.19 years old. We would be a 9-weeks old newborn.

If so, imagine what the world would look like when our species is just 8 years old (i.e., in 5 million years).

  1. "If we assume that the average life span of a species is 5–10 million years",Species%20Life%20Spans,million%20years%20(Table%201).
  3. We are aware of our world environment and can act on a global scale. For example, unlike the dinosaurs
  4. Compared to other species, we also have the ability to kill our species much more easily.